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We continue to add product information; please check here often to ensure you have the latest from our large catalogue of equipment, supplies and, of course, wine grapes and juices... as soon as they become available!  

Fresh Grapes (Red)

red grapes - freshRed grape varietals in season (featuring California Central Valley, Lodi and Amador County whole grapes).

Fresh Juices

fresh stabalized juices and musts
Fresh stabilized musts and juices (featuring  California - Lodi Gold fresh juices) in season.

Frozen Musts and Juices

frozen juices and mustsFrozen juices and musts featuring the best selection of the finest quality frozen varietals from this year's Montsant (Spain) harvest.        

Australian Juices

fresh stabalized juices and musts

For the first time, we are offering Pasteurized Australian juices for order - more information to follow



equipmentAll types of wine-making equipment is available for our customers - from wine presses to wine wine barrels and everything in-between.        


suppliesEverything the wine-maker needs to ensure the grapes and juices produce the best wine possible - featuring Lalvin.

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