Harvest 2013 Newsletter

HARVEST 2013.....

- California's Best Grape Growing Weather in 7 Years
- Montsant, Spain is Back!


Harvest 2013 and Market Conditions

California Harvest 2013 is well underway and PrestonWine has its cooler full of grapes.  The forecast is good for a harvest that is earlier and warmer than in previous years.  A year like this - 10 days to two weeks early - generally allows us to access more types of grapes before the shipping season closes.

Prices are up on some grapes, down on others while juices are largely maintaining last year's price points.

Fresh Grapes

The Classico grapes and Galo juices are our popular-priced option at Preston and these are generally always available during the season.  The same goes for Mosti Mondiale juices.  Please contact the PrestonWine Sales Desk at 613-230-7166 for pricing and availability.


Premium Grapes -
(go to order forms)

We are offering a number of premium grapes from different regions to give the home winemaker an opportunity to explore more flavour options from the world of grapes. These grapes from lower yielding vineyards are usually contracted to wineries and have a good track record that is reflected in the increased price.  We have numerous options on a number of varieties which we hope will guarantee availability to the customer.

A truck containing early premium varieties should arrive about mid-September;  check this site - we will advise of the arrival and details of the load here. 

There will be no Niagara grapes or juices this year.

Wine Courses

If you are interested in taking a wine course at Preston, please leave details at the Grape Sales Desk and we will try to provide courses that meet your needs.  Tell us what you need to know or improve upon and we will try to customize for you the information you require.  Courses will require a reasonable minimum of attendees.

Frozen musts and juices from Montsant Spain (go to order forms)

We were very pleased with the results of last year's shipment of these grapes from the Montsant Region of north-eastern Spain.  These mountain grapes had plenty of flavour and structure.  Bleeding off the Grenache Noir also produced a very flavourful rose.

Grenache Noir, Merlot, Tempranillo and Syrah are still offered this year with the possible addition of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignane and a white blend.  At this time, we do not know the price or availability of  these extra varieties... however if you are interested in them, please note this on the form and you will be contacted.

The four previously mentioned varieties are confirmed and your orders must include a $50 per pail deposit. We expect delivery around the THIRD WEEK of NOVEMBER, 2013.

Charles Fajgenbaum, who imports these grapes, will be visiting PrestonWine in late September to provide information on the Montsant musts.  Details will be posted on our website and those who have orders will be personally contacted.

If you are interested in sampling the results of last year please contact Mac at the Sales Desk.

2013_cab_readyIn Vino Veritas,

Mac MacDonald
and the
PrestonWine Team




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