On The Grape Trail -- California Report 1

August 2007

The harvest has begun in the Carneros for sparkling (Pinot Noir) wine production and some Sauvignon Blanc in Lodi.

Our June visit revealed that the crop set in all regions that sources grapes looks promising.  Weather has been steadily good with no spring rains to hamper things as in 2006.  Crop levels are average to above average.  Ann Sturges of Triboro Fruit has dropped some crop to increase quality where warranted.

Some Napa Valley producers are claiming that this could be a very exceptional year if the current weather pattern holds.  We will wait until December to make our observation rather than prediction, but I must admit that things are looking terrific right now.  

Grapes will be earlier this year.   The current scenario goes like this:  Classico and Triboro will be picking the last week of August.  Trucks should arrive at Preston a day or two following Labour Day.   Lodi grapes should begin the harvest the first week of September and be in full swing by the second week.  Peter Brehm will post his harvest dates on his website but expect his fruit to also be earlier this year.  We are looking at a first week of January 2008 arrival for Brehm frozen musts and juices

Given the harvest schedule, we will have to cut off orders for fresh grapes and juices much earlier than in the past, therefore decisions are going to have to be made in the heat of summer rather than the cool of fall.  

We are still negotiating the availability of some varieties but hope to have this resolved soon.  Pinot Noir is very tight this year.  We heard that a major winery known for forward thinking has planted out 4000 acres of Pinot Noir in California.  Pinot Noir will not therefore be scarce in a few years if others follow.  Everything has a cycle.  For reasons that I will go into later, this is probably the year to buy Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.  We will update in a few weeks.

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in vino veritas…

Mac MacDonald


Triboro Fruit's Barbera

Triboro Fruit's Barbera

Triboro Fruit loading docks

Triboro Fruit Loading Docks, Fresno, CA

Troboro Fruit sorting tables

Triboro Fruit Sorting Tables,  Fresno CA

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